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Minitopia is not just a garage; it’s a sanctuary for your Mini, where every service is performed with precision and passion. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your Mini performs at its best, offering a wide range of specialised services:

Car Health Check

Dive deep into your Mini's condition with our 1-hour comprehensive health check. Receive a detailed report highlighting any areas that require attention or further investigation.

Supercharger Service/Oil Change

Prolong the life of your supercharger by having a routine supercharger service. Consider the additional option of a water pump replacement.

Windscreen Wipers

Drive confidently in any weather with our premium Bosch Super Plus blades, available for immediate fitting for both front and rear wipers.

Number Plates

Number plates supplied and fitted.

Bulb Replacement

Brighten your journey with our extensive range of bulbs, available on the shelf and fitted on demand.

Gearbox Oil Change

Protect and prolong your gearbox's life with our oil change and leak check service.

Diagnostics for All Minis R & F Series

Get in-depth insights into your Mini's vehicle data with our state-of-the-art diagnostics, offering the precision of main dealer services.

Coolant Antifreeze Replacement

Ensure your engine's optimal temperature regulation with our comprehensive antifreeze and coolant replacement service, including full system bleeding.

Timing Chain & Components Replacement

Protect your engine's timing dynamics with our inclusive service, replacing the timing chain, tensioner, guides, VVT unit, sprockets, and all relevant gaskets.

Minor or Full Comprehensive Car Service

Tailor your service from minor checks to a full-scale comprehensive inspection, each accompanied by a detailed report for your peace of mind.


Drive with assurance with our thorough MOT service, complete with a comprehensive report and the option for any necessary repairs.

Clutch Replacement & Gearbox Oil Change

Refresh your driving experience with our 3-piece clutch replacement and new gearbox oil service. DMFW is available for an additional cost.

Oil & Filter Change

Maintain your Mini's heart with our oil and filter change service, including a service indicator reset for optimal performance.

Air Conditioning Recharge

Keep your cool with our air conditioning recharge, testing your system for leaks and re-gassing for maximum efficiency.

Supercharger Reduced Pulley Fitting

Unleash the potential of your Mini with our supercharger reduction pulley fitting. Provide your desired kit with the reduced pulley size, and we'll handle the rest.

Diesel Additive Cartridge

Specifically for 2006 -2014 Mini diesel models, we offer additive cartridge replacement, including system programming, bleed-up, and warning light reset for a rejuvenated performance.

At Minitopia, we combine expertise with genuine care, ensuring your Mini receives the best treatment possible. Visit us today and experience the pinnacle of car care!

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Ready to give your Mini the specialist care it deserves? Contact us to book your next service, ask about our offerings, or have a friendly chat with a fellow Mini fan. At Minitopia, we protect and preserve the Mini’s history, making sure every journey is as special as the first day.

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